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egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise

by M-Dot

Lyrics: Verse 1: Flow atomic Blow fire like your toke of chronic Came up sick Like the back of your throat with vomit Iconic stature Looking right past ya Study my quotes like a monk & the book of the pastor Stop sleeping You ain't equal We're not even You squids were caught creeping I live in the lost deep end I’ve given my thoughts Penned em down...Bar Demon! When I exit now? I hear them say ‘a stars leaving’ It’s shark season The eyes are turning black You lie, I confirm the facts I climb & burn through tracks I’m eating now.. Get in line..you herbs are next Go speak out Slap your spine out your turtle necks It’s mine for the taking!! Blackout, lock the doors Cut the lights shut the blinds in the basement Now you gotta stay! Scripted like it was Sutter Cain This the moment the TV camera needs to cut away I’m done asking Slurred words, gums flapping This mumble rap these nerds deserve gun clapping I’m dumb nice Spray fire Raise the gun price Don’t believe? You “Fuck-ing” “stupid”..like Trumps wife/ We need a new leader So we need to search among us Don’t let em disperse the fungus The venom the serpents tongue is Telling men to murder hundreds Abundance of hate mongers The papers that pay pundits These puppets have days numbered I hear you talking But you really need to say something, Long as I got brain function And blood in my veins pumping Imma keep on fighting The goal is to be enlightened The flow is like breathing lightning Never notice equal writing As long as I been spitting I didn’t, admit it I’m the best that ever did it Die with flesh wrapped in Gold linen Got minions who carry my clothes Tearing through shows bury my foes Bump me till your stereo blows Chorus (2x): Deaths knocking on the front door right now, Looking to repent but you don't know how, Somethings gotta give someway, somehow Right now, Right now Deaths knocking on the front door right now, Looking to repent but you don't know how, Somethings gotta give someway, somehow Right now, Right now Verse 2: A mans pride will eat his soul alive have em pop off till last rights The priest is notified I feast as they recline I find that hunger still Bless my seeds Let my light shine my son with skill The pens divine Scribe a rhyme the lungs will spill The raw under your skin Decayed fungus nail Man you washed out And hanging from my clothes line Bang em with a close-line Quit singing on them ghost rhymes I’m sick of the faking The bickering, I can’t relate I been aching to wake up Hit my day job blazing Grab my pay stub, days been impatient I’m pacing in place, And casing the place Till I break in the safe And make off with cake I’m famished!! Who brought the hammers? The shooters? The biscuit, the Lugers? Pop em in the air! Now punch a fist thru these losers!! You posing!!! I want that real back Back when you would feel tracks The decks would still scratch And tecks would kill rats Snitching wasn’t cool.. The pigeons got their due If you’re cringing from what I’m spitting? I’ve written it for you Consider this a jewel That I drop from the tip of my tongue Sincere air lifts from my lungs I’m here to spit for the slums No gimmicks or stunts The unadulterated You played it. No alter madam You listened, I offered wisdom Like Christians to God & Satan Cause friction from what I’m saying Yet the truth is sorely needed Watch the poor stay more depleted While the glutens fill their palled Most the public’s left to ravish Politicians Pumping malice Cringing watching Trump attack his twitter followers They hope & pray though to get rid of all of us, The upheaval of evil Doubt I’ll see it, hope my daughter does apart of this I blame on....pill popping rappers Instead of guiding the youth And providing the truth They lie in the booth Make songs just with eyes on the loot, You ain’t dying to shoot! Wanna die? I’ll provide the tie & the suit! tired of dudes It’s like they’re trying to lose... you Say you fire? Then I’m the ignition before they wire the fuse! Violence influenced TV supplying the sewage Kids hit with strays Hooked up to pints of fluid/ Riots are brewing The water supply is polluted Yet a flag we’re crying over whose trying to salute it? While kids are abandoned...Shooting schools, killing at random We’re worrying about whose sitting & standing?// Chorus (2x): Deaths knocking on the front door right now, Looking to repent but you don't know how, Somethings gotta give someway, somehow Right now, Right now Deaths knocking on the front door right now, Looking to repent but you don't know how, Somethings gotta give someway, somehow Right now, Right now


The long awaited follow-up to the 2017 UGHH #1 Seller "egO anD The eneMy." In a post pandemic society, currently consuming itself, M-Dot paints a poignant picture of a bleak world that dangles a disillusioned paradise. The sequel once again features a legendary production line up from the likes of Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, !llmind, Black Milk, G Koop, Apollo Brown and more. Guest appearances also include Willie The Kid, Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) and EMS.


released April 21, 2023

Tracks #1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10,12 Mastered By Sensus
#5, 6, 8, 11, 13 Mastered By Protege
#4 Mastered By Jon Glass
#14 (Bonus) Mastered by Quiz

Tracks #2, 3, 7, 9 Mixed By Sensus
#1 Mixed By Victor Keys
#5, 6, 8, 11 Mixed By Protege
#4 Mixed By Jon Glass
#10 Mixed By Sean Mathias For CLOAQxDAGGER
#12 Mixed By Pauly Cicero
#13 Mixed By Quiz

Track #4 Scratches By DJ Access
#11 Scratches By LP2
Additional Instrumentation on Track #5 By Protege
All songs Written By Michael (M-Dot) Januario

Album Artwork by SpikePit Studios


all rights reserved



M-Dot Boston, Massachusetts

Multi-Award winning Boston MC/Producer whose worked w/ Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, !llmind, Method Man, Kool G Rap, Conway, DJ Premier, etc. Has toured EU 13x, created music for NBC (Black List) & Sundance Films (Montreal Girls), was a headliner @ HIPHOP KEMP (2018), performed at France X Games (2010) & is referenced in a book on the Wu Tang Clan. Released #1 selling vinyl in the rap underground 2017 ... more

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